Building better and

deliberate experiences

with communication.

Growing people, ideas, and companies through curiosity

At Breker Group, we ask questions to connect ideas to meaning. We poke at existing processes, team dynamics, and content, to question not only what you’re doing, but why you’re doing it.

We help organizations and their people challenge the status quo and transform content and business teams to meet strategic goals.

We’re passionate about sharing a clear-cut perspective on how you can communicate change and how your content team performs for collective impact.

We kick-start new thinking by:

  • offering a different perspective of your problem
  • shifting your point of view (radically)
  • improving content and team performance

Whether you are looking to implement a new website, introduce a new strategy, or want to become a more effective mentor, we can help.

Executive Coaching

Improve your communication, team building, and delegation skills by getting the support you need. Align your values and vision.


Get everyone on the same page through a clear facilitation process. Uncover new opportunities to work closer together.


Inspire action and a different way of through presentations about mapping the content journey, building better teams, and governance.


Help your team build their skills by thinking, communicating and working differently around content.

We ask questions. Lots of them.

We align people and teams around a clear vision.

Our approach focuses on understanding how content and process can trigger and evoke emotion to help challenge the status quo and build engagement.

We listen. Actively.

Through listening we’re able to assess the current situation, identify opportunities for improvement, and then support your team in getting things done.

We start at the beginning. But plan for results.

Regardless of the problem you’re trying to solve, we understand that real change doesn’t happen without understanding your current environment.

By building relationships and determining a targeted approach, we collaboratively create a roadmap that considers your current resources and your future needs.

The end results are:

  • better communication
  • stronger teams
  • significant results

We interview stakeholders, audit your current content and processes, and facilitate group discussions. With the results, we create coaching and training targeted to bring a central vision from different perspectives.

About Breker Group

We’re a communication and strategy group that gives you tools and insight to get better team results, sooner.

We know how to engage your employees to help build and sell your vision.

We work closely with a team of trusted independent specialists to offer the perfect blend of support and insights for projects.

From service design to course development, our team of experts provide relevant, useful, and targeted insights.

Meet Melissa Breker
Communication Strategist, Facilitator, Speaker

For over fifteen years, I’ve been working with, and helping teams create experiences with content. I’m a strategic thinker, workshop leader, and coach that helps financial institutions, government, and non-profits grow and change.

I work with clients to build trusting partnerships to create long-term impact. As a communicator and facilitator, I support the process of change through connecting people around short and long-term goals.

I work with creative agencies, customer experience teams, product developers, and marketing strategists to inspire and evolve teams to generate results. I take a collaborative, systematic, thoughtful, and analytical approach to all that I do.

Industries I’ve worked in include technology, government, education, e-commerce, financial, and non-profit organizations.

I like speaking and teaching. I’ve developed courses for the University of British Columbia, Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. This year I’m presenting at World IA Day and STC Summit.

“I’m passionate about helping organizations create better digital and employee experiences.”